The Hardest Part is Over!

Hey all, this is Jesse, head of PurrfectlyFluid Cosmetics! Thank You for stopping by and being just a little bit nosy. I've been basically spamming social media with previews, art, and other miscellaneous stuff. 

So. Much. MATH! 

And don't get me started on how many pages of products I have flipped through, how much art there is to make, the planning process of each individual item.... 

I've looked at swatches, unit prices, thousands of reviews, all just to make these products. 

Basically, it's a lot. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And's preferable to my last job. 

Long story short, I used to be a Barista. I was actually a damn good Barista. Unfortunately, I'm burnt out on customer service. I've been cussed at, I've had things thrown at me, I've been berated by my boss one too many times... 

And then I got sick. Yup, COVID. After a whole MONTH of needing to recover, after wrestling with the guilt of not being able to go into work, I broke. I snapped. I sunk into one of the worst depressive episodes I've had in my entire life. I didn't even eat for several days, and nothing looked right, nothing felt right.

I simply couldn't go on living in constant anxiety over a job that neither loved nor cherished me. 

It just was not worth the stress and the physical pain caused by that stress. 

So, here I am, no longer making lattes, but making cute products that I hope you will enjoy.

Please give us a follow and as always, share away! 

Stay Cute,

Jesse Lee-Young


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